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Aqua Docs is a licensed mold remediation company.
The professionals at Aqua Docs are experts in the removal of mold in both residential and commercial properties.
When you choose to hire Aqua Docs, you will be getting a company that carries all the necessary certifications and insurance requirements to perform mold remediation in the state of Florida.

Common signs your Florida property has a mold problem

Mold will cause structural damage to your property and will be harmful to any members that frequent the property. The professionals at Aqua Docs have seen firsthand the health effects that mold damage has on people who frequent mold-affected properties.

We want to help! Contact us immediately if you believe that your property has signs of mold damage.
4 signs that a Florida property has a mold issue:
The presence of visible mold (discoloration on walls)
Strong, musty odors
Recent flood or storm damage
Excessive humidity
Typically, the professionals at Aqua Docs have found that when a customer has mold damage visible in their home or business, there is a lot more mold damage that is unseen. When there you discover mold at your property, contact a professional Florida mold inspector like Aqua Docs. The professionals at Aqua Docs have gone through extensive training to quickly detect any hidden mold and ensure that adequate removal from your property occurs.
The 3 R's: Recover, Remove, Restore
Aqua Docs has a proven system to ensure every customer is getting the highest quality of service.


Aqua Docs starts the recovery process as soon as mold detection occurs at a property. The recovery process includes quickly responding to our customer's needs and arriving at their home or business as quickly as possible. All of our employees are identifiable by their uniform when they arrive.


Whenever we receive a call for mold remediation services, removing the mold and remediating the affected areas is our primary objective.

During the removal process, we will quickly bring air quality back to a safe, acceptable level. Bringing back air quality to healthy levels is essential for the health of all individuals at the property. To quickly make this happen, we utilize industry-standard HEPA filtration devices to enhance the property's air quality.


The final part of our process is the restoration process. The restoration process begins with the designated project manager coordinating repairs at your property. Our goal at the end of our approach is to restore your property to its original pre-loss state.

Aqua Docs mold remediation process

While every mold job is unique, they typically adhere to the following five steps: 

  • Containment of all affected areas to avoid mold spores from spreading
  • Utilizing air scrubbing equipment to filter the air during the remediation process
  • Removal and disposal of mold-affected materials
  • HEPA vacuuming the affected areas
  • Mold removal 
  • Antimicrobial agent distribution

When the remediation process is complete, we will get a third-party licensed mold assessor to conduct mold remediation post-tests. Using a post-test verifies that the area is back to its pre-mold conditions. 

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Does your property have black mold?

Customers are typically worried about black mold whenever we get a call about our mold remediation services. Let us give you peace of mind: the professionals at Aqua Docs can handle any size disaster, including black mold. 

We want to educate our customers on black mold to educate them about controlling and preventing toxic mold from becoming an issue on their property. To move forward from the incident, you need to know how to identify black mold in your Florida property if you ever come across it.

In Florida, you can find black mold in warm, humid, and damp areas—most commonly, crawl spaces. Although crawl spaces are familiar places to find mold, any area of a property with excess moisture will be prone to mold growth. 

Black mold can be identified by its black color. Other types of mold will appear to be gray or green or a variant of these two colors. The main issue with black mold in a property is that it can cause health problems and allergic reactions. Exposure to black mold will result in many symptoms depending on how prevalent the mold is and the length of exposure.

Symptoms of black mold exposure may include: 

  • Eye irritation
  • Sneezing 
  • Fatigue 
  • Rashes 
  • Coughing 

More severe symptoms are possible after prolonged exposure to black mold.  

Severe symptoms of black mold exposure may include:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea 
  • Nose bleeds 

Aqua Docs is here to help prevent a property owner from any significant health issues that black mold may cause. We believe that it is essential to know how to prevent and control black mold.

Mold inspection services

A common cause of mold growth is previous water damage on the property—excessive dampness is the most significant factor in mold growth. Water damages happen all the time, from an appliance leak to a pipe burst. But did you know that fire damage also leads to mold growth? A local fire department will likely put out a property fire with water. When the fire is extinguished, water restoration services must follow to avoid ideal conditions for mold to grow.  

No matter how the mold growth occurred at your property, a certified mold professional from Aqua Docs will conduct a free inspection to identify if mold is present at your property. The professional Florida mold inspector will utilize advanced technology, including infrared cameras and moisture meters, to find the cause of the mold issue. 

We will go the extra mile by taking a mold sample and sending it to a licensed mold assessor to test for mold. Through extensive testing, the third-party tester will be able to verify the type of mold that is present at the property. 

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