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When it comes to home water damage, you need to call a dependable and affordable company for dry-out services. Aqua Docs water restoration is a local business that Florida homeowners know and trust.

Water can cause water damage to your home and leave devastating structural damage when not properly handled, whether it’s from heavy rains, a failed appliance, or a plumbing emergency. Untreated water damages can weaken any building’s infrastructure and provides an ideal breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other hazardous organisms.

It is essential that you contact our professionals at the first sign of a flood, no matter the size, for immediate water damage restoration and mold remediation. The quickest and best way to deal with the presence of water damage in your home is to immediately seek out help from the water mitigation specialists at Aqua Docs.
The water restoration specialists at Aqua Docs have the resources, tools, and expertise to eliminate standing water in saturated areas and prevent any negative consequences from lingering water damages.
Throughout their years in the industry, the professionals at Aqua Docs have seen all types of damage caused by water. Whether it’s a roof leak caused by violent storms or a failed appliance—such as a leaky dishwasher or a broken washing machine—our experts have you covered. We’re highly skilled at pinpointing the full range of damage and assessing its severity, allowing us to implement the right sustainable remediation solutions.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Aqua Docs uses the best techniques and equipment to ensure your home is entirely rid of moisture damage. If we can repair any portion of your home instead of performing a replacement, we will do it. If it’s possible, you’ll get back into your home or business faster.
Our process includes 5 parts:
Free evaluation and assessment
Structural drying plan
Water removal and extraction
Drying and dehumidification
Cleaning and repair
Adherence to our five-part process means we can guarantee that your property and belongings will be dried more efficiently, quickly getting you back to how your life was before the water disaster struck. To ensure we are offering the quickest water restoration services, we have invested in advanced drying equipment.
Some of the advanced equipment we use includes:
Testing Image

Moisture meters

Moisture meters are a way we can determine how saturated an area is without tearing it apart. With our moisture meters, we can determine the cause of the water damage, the extent of the damages, and what actionable steps are needed for repairs.
Extraction Mats

Extraction mats

Instead of pushing air, extraction mats suck it in. We use extraction mats on hardwood floors to dry them out before moisture can do further damage. These mats are more effective for water extraction and ensure you get back into your home in less time.
Thermal Image

Thermal imaging

The professionals at Aqua Docs may start by using our thermal imaging technology instead of tearing your walls and ceilings apart to find the cause of the water damage. Thermal imaging technology can quickly detect water in the ceiling and walls, providing us with a moisture map on exactly where the water damage resides.

Residential Water Removal

Aqua Docs offers an ideal choice in residential repair for damages from water. When you choose us, you experience the best services for residential water restoration.

Our residential water damage repairs include:

  • Broken or leaky pipes
  • Sewer line break
  • Sink or toilet overflow
  • Appliance malfunctions (water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, or refrigerator)

You can count on our professional team to mitigate and restore any salvageable materials. No matter how extensive the water damage may be, we have an effective option for you.

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Residential Water Damage

Commercial Water Removal

At Aqua Docs, we know how critical it is to take immediate action when a disaster strikes! Business owners experiencing commercial water damage can count on us to prioritize getting their business back up and running with minimal productivity loss.

The professionals at Aqua Docs have over 20 years of experience helping Florida businesses get back on their feet quickly by using our specialized water extraction, remediation, and disinfecting processes. Our state-of-the-art water removal equipment incorporates sanitizing treatments and air purification, allowing us to dry damaged properties faster and safer in a minimal amount of time.

We offer our Florida customers 24/7 emergency services, regardless of the level of damage or amount of repairs needed. We can quickly help you get your insurance claim approved through our status as preferred insurance vendors.

Let our water remediation company bring your business back to its pre-disaster condition in record time! We are an IICRC certified, licensed, bonded, and insured restoration provider.

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